Repairing Earthquake Damage to Your Home

Residential Construction CompanyEast Bay Home Repair

In light of the recent Napa County earthquake, Bay Area residents are more aware than ever of the damage these events cause to their homes. From structural problems to cracks and breakages, many homeowners are still dealing with the aftermath and wondering how to prevent such damage in the future.

Although no home building techniques can completely eliminate the risk of home damage in the event of an earthquake, several methods exist for improving a home’s stability and endurance. These include:
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Your Home Is Fire Damaged: Now What?

Recovering From A Residential Fire

Home Fire Damage Repair

Fire struck the Oakland Hills in 1991. Thousands of homes were destroyed or damaged by the fire.

It’s no secret that the Bay Area has been scorched this spring. Drought, extreme heat have also led to fire outbreaks throughout the region. Whether you suffered minor siding damage or lost a substantial part of your home in a blaze, what should you do now? How do you start the home fire repair process?

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Rainy Weather Home Maintenance

Wind, Rain, and Bay Area Home Repair

As the Bay Area winter begins in earnest, many homeowners will need to contend with rainy weather challenges. Our climate is temperate, so we don’t get howling blizzards, sleet and sub zero temperatures. But fog, wind, and heavy rains can lead to serious home repair and home maintenance concerns.
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