Repairing Earthquake Damage to Your Home

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In light of the recent Napa County earthquake, Bay Area residents are more aware than ever of the damage these events cause to their homes. From structural problems to cracks and breakages, many homeowners are still dealing with the aftermath and wondering how to prevent such damage in the future.

Although no home building techniques can completely eliminate the risk of home damage in the event of an earthquake, several methods exist for improving a home’s stability and endurance. These include:

Anchor bolts. Also known as “exterior wall to foundation connections,” these structures are crucial to keeping your home sound. Older homes often lack adequate connections of the exterior wall to the foundation, but a residential construction company can install these for you.

Retrofit foundation plates. A method of anchoring exterior walls to foundations — these devices serve as an alternate option when a residential contractor cannot gain safe or easy access to install anchor bolts.

Shear walls. These structures supplement a home’s “cripple walls” to make them more resilient.

Earthquake-resistant bracing systems (ERBS). Mobile home owners benefit from these tools, which keep homes secure during earthquakes.

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