Fall Home Repair and Maintenance Tips

Important Home Repair Tips Before Fall Weather Arrives!

Custom home BuildersIt may be hard to believe, but fall is already less than a month away. With lowering temperatures and shortening days, September is the perfect time for homeowners to conduct routine maintenance on their homes to get ready for winter.
Whether performing home repair tasks yourself or through a residential construction contractor, consider the following tips for fall maintenance, including:

1. Chimney and roof inspection. Check the roof for damaged or missing seals, flashing, and shingles and repair any issues before cold weather hits. Chimneys should be clean and free from animal nests before lighting the first autumn fire.

2. Caulk cracked exteriors. Wherever gaps form between siding, walls, doors, bricks, or other objects, apply fresh caulk to seal interiors from the elements.

3. Examine insulation. To ensure your home remains warm and energy-efficient throughout the winter, inspect the insulation in each room and replace or add more where necessary.

4. Install weather stripping. Apply metal, foam, plastic, or felt weather stripping to windows and doors to keep drafts out of your home.

5. Inspect heating systems. Clean or replace furnace filters and check all of its components to ensure the heat will work when you need it most.

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