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Commercial Construction

MB Development is also experienced with commercial building repairs and remodeling.

Contemporary Home Construction

Contemporary architecture is often confused with the Modernist style, but it is actually different. The Contemporary style is more popular today. Features of this style include emphasis on natural light and use of natural and sustainable materials.

Mediterranean Home Design

The Mediterranean style remains popular today. It includes elements of both the Spanish and Ranch styles homes. Similarities include smooth stucco and red tile roofs. Look for arches above doors and windows, and heavy carved wooden doors.

Modern Home Construction

The Modernist architectural style was popular during the early to mid-20th century. It was dramatically different from earlier styles. Key elements in Modern architecture include open living spaces, simple geometric lines, and use of iron, concrete, steel, and glass. For famous examples of Modernist architecture, look for anything designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


MB Development can help you turn your home into your dream home. We can remodel every room, including your kitchen and living spaces.

Ranch Style Home Building

Ranch style homes became popular after WWII, and remained popular until the early 1980s. You can easily spot a ranch style home by looking for a single-story home with low eaves, usually in a rectangular or L-shape. This style of home often features large windows and an attached garage.

Residential Steel Construction

Steel construction is growing in popularity for its durability. MB Development is experienced with building homes with steel.

Spanish Style Homes

The Spanish Mission style was popular from the 1890s-1920s. Common characteristics of this style include smooth stucco, red tile roof, large square pillars, and round windows. This style started in California, inspired by the Spanish Missions, and spread eastward as its popularity grew.